Utopia    Feature 01 Apr 2016

How British manufactured kitchens are the perfect answer to long-term kitchen investments

When it comes to buying a kitchen or bathroom, you’re not only making a long-term financial investment, but a long-term design commitment too. With so much at stake, does buying British come into the equation?

Utopia takes a look at what the industry has to say about supporting British designers, manufacturers and retailers involved at the very heart of the kitchen and bathroom industry.

Most people buy British because of the quality of homegrown craftsmanship, as opposed to products from overseas produced on a factory line. “British made products have a well-deserved reputation for quality and if things go wrong, then it’s easy to make contact and find a swift solution.” says Tina Riley, national chair at the Kitchen Bathroom Bedroom Specialists Association.

Tina believes that we really do care where our kitchen or bathroom has been made. “We’ve seen an increase in support for ‘Buying British’. The ‘Made in Britain’ marque has raised awareness and made British-made products more desirable.”

Published in Utopia Kitchen & Bathroom Magazine