Designer    Feature 29 May 2017

Hoover discusses the latest advances in its app technology for the home

App technology has the potential to transform every area of our lives and none more so than how we run our homes. Steve Macdonald, Marketing Director of Freestanding Division Hoover Candy UK, said: “Initially starting in 2013 with the launch of
Hive, the unique home control system which allows consumers to control
their heating and lighting from their phone, the connected market has really developed. Despite consumers initially being wary of the technology and the concept of controlling their heating remotely from their phone, in the last four years Hive has gone on to launch further generations of its products and expanded its range; its offering has become much more mainstream.

“Expanding into other areas of the home, consumers are now able to access connected appliances for all areas of home, from the Amazon Echo, which uses far- field voice recognition to do everything from read audio books to report traffic and weather news, to our Hoover Wizard range of WiFi-enabled kitchen appliances that can be operated remotely via an app.

“The functionality of major domestic appliances, that were previously one-dimensional kitchen products, have now been enhanced with additional features such as remote control operation, energy monitoring and management through smart apps – which can even provide bespoke recommendations and the option for users to download new programmes.

He added that Hoover intends for all of its products to be fully connected by the end of 2017, taking the smart kitchen from being an aspirational possibility to a genuine reality through the launch of innovative, yet affordable, connected appliances such as the Hoover Wizard Collection and One Touch washing machine range. “With our Hoover Wizard range, users can pre-heat the oven using the app, or set a wash cycle, or turn the extractor hood light on all while away from the home, enabling them to return to the kitchen with chores already taken care of.

“More recently, we unveiled One Touch, a new generation of washing machines that feature an intelligent connection system, using NFC technology along with an innovative app. This app allows the user to configure the cycle they would like to use straight from your phone, then they simply tap their phone onto the machine – similar to a mobile payment – and the wash can begin.

“The One Touch app also enables the user to monitor the programmes they use, recording the number of times each setting is used, reporting on total number of hours in operation and the most used cycles. Furthermore, users can download more cycles straight from the app, future-proofing their appliance. For example, they can download a cycle for everything from delicate babywear to sportswear. The app also makes it easier than ever for users to keep an eye on the upkeep of their appliance, with six different check- up options. From ‘clever check-up’ which runs a complete check-up to on the health of the appliance to ‘auto hygiene’, a maintenance cycle to sanitize the drum, as well as providing the user with instant access to the user manual.”

Another benefit is that users can monitor their energy usage remotely via the respective apps. This equips users with more information about energy usage on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, providing more information than ever before.

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