Utopia    Feature 30 May 2014

Hipster Interiors: How Shoreditch and Camden are leading the way for the designs of the future

It’s the trendiest place in the capital and surrounded by hip bars, interesting graffiti (no we’re not condoning it but do keep your eyes open for the odd Banksy) and frequented by avant-garde fashionistas. So let’s get down there… but where’s there?

With Hoxton Square its epicentre the triangle of Old Street, Great Eastern Street and Shoreditch High Street in London is this style’s spiritual home. Twenty years
ago it was rough-and-ready, cockneys mixed uneasily with artists moving into the area to use the cheap live/work studio/workshops. Nowadays it’s stylishly avant-garde – let us take you for a walk on the style side…

The area is synonymous with eclectic style brimming with catholic taste. Rents have risen, the port out starboard home types have moved in, but it’s still pulsing with creativity and intoxicating individuality. Converted industrial buildings have become desirable homes complete with interiors sporting designer furniture alongside a skip or reclamation-yard-find thrown-in for good measure.

The area’s diverse neighbourhood with its rich mix of nationalities and interesting shops results in an edgy urban style infused with grit which ensures the tone stays cool yet chic and just on the right side of rough luxe. And remember it’s the grit in the oyster that forms the pearl… Confidence in your own individuality, a nose for what’s hot and flying in the face of convention lie at its core.

Think: unfitted furniture, supersized range cookers, industrial extractors, mismatched tiles, ‘farm to street juice bar stocked’ retro style fridge, authenticity and a touch of kitsch (bad taste) for good measure.

Published in Utopia Kitchen & Bathroom Magazine