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We hear from industry experts on how to integrate luxurious hotel-style in the home bathroom

Not all projects involve designing a simple, serene scheme for hundreds of high-end hotel rooms, but many homeowners will desire a similar suite to that which donned 5-star accredited walls during their latest lavish holiday. We spoke to some of the top names in the bathroom design and manufacturing industry on how to implement ‘hotel bathroom style’ into residential spaces.

Brent Hudson, Marketing and Products Director, Geberit“With more and more demands being placed on the domestic bathroom in terms of practical design and comfort, consumers are increasingly drawing inspiration from the hotel environment where form and function naturally combine.

“While hygiene and ease of cleaning are practical requirements important
to both domestic and hotel bathrooms, user comfort and wellbeing are also now high on the priority list and we are seeing a marked increase in the use of technology in the bathroom as a result.

“Shower toilets are one such example
of this; now pretty much the norm in many parts of the world, particularly in hotel bathrooms, personal hygiene and cleanliness is of no less importance to our UK customers and this technology is now finding its way increasingly into the domestic bathroom. What consumers are looking for is a solution that fits seamlessly into the bathroom, while helping to raise comfort levels and offering the kind of high-end luxury that has previously only really been seen in top-end hotels. “Dominated by wood and natural stone, most of the hotel rooms at Mama Thresl hotel, in the Austrian town
of Leogang are fitted with a Geberit AquaClean Sela. The shower toilet
is part of the exceptional comfort on offer at this high-end hotel in the heart of the Austrian mountains, offering guests a spa-like level of cleanliness by gently washing them with water at body temperature before gently drying. The streamlined, compact design of the shower toilet means it fits seamlessly into the hotel bathroom.”

Adam Teal, Head of Sales UK, Kaldewei “There is definitely a growing demand for ‘home spa’ feel bathrooms. Customers want to combine luxury with the latest technology all in one stylish, functional yet relaxing space. Colour is also a factor. Striking steel enamel shower surfaces available in the 12 matte colours from the Coordinated Colours Collection, including Lava Black and Oyster Grey, pair beautifully with chic wash-basins such as the new Miena wash-basin bowls to create 5-star luxury in the home. Other popular products include freestanding baths and Kaldewei have several to choose from, many include their innovative Skin Touch whirl system combines
the ultimate relaxation of a bath with luxurious, deep-penetrating body care. Skin Touch works by releasing millions of micro-fine air bubbles which makes the water feel like luxurious bath milk and leaves the skin feeling noticeably softer long after bathing.

“Kaldewei also offer intuitive technology such as Sound Wave, an audio system for Kaldewei baths that plays music from Bluetooth-enabled devices such as tablets, smartphones or laptops. With the steel enamel
bath acting as the sound box, it provides an audio experience with a difference – with or without water!”

Richard Nicholls,Sales Director,Sanipex UK“The number one 
thing that consumers
 are taking from hotel bathrooms is comfort. The
hotel bathroom is designed to
be luxurious, most often on another level from what guests have at home making them very aspirational spaces. From large showerheads that offer
a powerful performance and walk-in enclosures, through to statement washbasins in materials such as marble and open-plan storage, the hotel-inspired look is being requested more and more by consumers looking to recreate this same level of luxury in their own homes.”

Marlene Presa, UK Marketing Manager, Villeroy & Boch“The main trends in bathroom interior design are comfort and homeliness, and the same can be said for when it comes to the hotel bathroom. People with demanding working lives and under pressure to sacrifice their leisure time seek comfort in their home and in their hotels, above all, when travelling. A comfortable atmosphere is particularly important for an area
in daily use, devoted to well-being, personal hygiene and relaxation.

“Hotel bathrooms often have luxurious extras like designer brassware, walk-in wellness-shower or a whirlpool bath, making the experience of travelling extra special. Otherwise, there are some small hacks to bring a bit of hotel-luxury in your personal bathroom that can be done with a pleasant lighting concept to soothe or stimulate and help create ambience.”

Featured: Zucchetti.Kos back- to-wall Morphing bath tub in monochromatic white interior and crisp black finish.

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