Designer    Feature 31 May 2017

Grohe and Crestron discuss smart homes and the future of the home technology industry

App technology is far from just limited to the kitchen however. Christian Götter, Grohe UK General Manager, said that the German bathroom brand is committed to developing technologies of various kinds that improve water experiences for its customers: “Products with advanced user recognition features will become more common, such as voice activation, and app control has already made its way into the bathroom. Grohe offers various products which can be controlled via a simple app on your phone such
as the Sensia Arena shower toilet, Aquasymphony shower with light, music and steam functions, and the new Grohe Sense. App control allows the user to easily personalise their bathroom experience by allowing them to choose their preferred settings and remember them each time.

“The smart home will also be able to make resource management really efficient without affecting the user, saving water and energy without impacting on product performance and enjoyment.”

The evolution of technology and user control in the kitchen and bathroom is part of a wider trend in the home that has seen greater convergence of tech capability and domestic functionality.

Nick Fichte, Residential Account Manager at lifestyle technology brand Crestron, said: “The abilities of home automation are ever escalating and the appeal of being able to manipulate and control the home environment
is becoming more and more appealing to many home owners.

“Crestron’s industry-leading home technology offers the ability to control numerous elements of the home through mobile devices and attractive touch panels which can be fitted into any room. This feature-rich and sophisticated home technology solution is very simple to use, and provides home owners with the ability to control their entire home environment, including heating, lighting, blinds and curtains, home security and all TVs, home cinema rooms and music devices, and all at the touch of a button.

“A home management system can be designed with personalised options such as ‘entertaining’, ‘party’ or ‘wake up’ which will activate pre-set and individualised settings such as lighting intensity and music choice. For instance, simply press a ‘bath’ button and watch as your bathroom lighting automatically adjusts to your idyllic relaxing bath setting. Or click the ‘Sunday Lunch’ button in the kitchen and watch as the lights dim, the television turns off, music starts as the oven turns on ready to cook the perfect Sunday roast.

“A common concern for homeowners is that the technology may compromise the standard of the interior design and be unsightly additions to the home decor. However, today’s technology allows for stylish bespoke control panels, even matching wallpaper or metallic fittings to perfectly blend with the interior design scheme, making
it as discreet as possible.

“Whether a technology enthusiast or not, the ability to control your entire home from your mobile is an impressive and innovative feat of engineering.”



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