Utopia    Feature 01 Jul 2015

Greyscale Kitchen Designs and why grey is the perfect contemporary colour for your kitchen design

Understated, sophisticated and elegant – this versatile hue works just as well for contemporary kitchens as it does for traditional… Cornforth White, Skimming Stones, Down Pipe, Thunder Sky, French, Gustavian, Elephant’s Breath and Slipper Satin – what do they have in common? They’re all greys… but with so much choice which should you choose?

The colour grey is all around us from rain-clouded sky to the silvery hue of weathered driftwood – maybe this is one of the reasons it makes us feel so comfortable. It’s a great background colour – we love it because it goes with just about everything. However, it can be hard to get right.

On cabinetry many people opt for two greys, one darker than the other, which helps to break up the solidity of the units. Also remember grey works brilliantly with white and natural wood.

Although considered neutral, grey hues stretch right across the colour spectrum, from pinky and yellowy warm greys, to icy bluey and greeny greys – and every grey in between. They range from the palest whisper to the darkest tone that’s almost black. So what you may have thought of as just plain old grey, is in fact anything but – here’s some grey inspiration for sophisticated, understated style.


Published in Utopia Kitchen & Bathroom Magazine