Designer    Feature 23 Jun 2017

Grahame Morrison discusses the advantages the Grohe Sense system would have for every home

If you have ever experienced damage caused by leaking water – and according to bathroom and kitchen water fittings experts Grohe, one-in- two of us have at least once – it is something that you are probably not in a rush to repeat.

Developed by the Grohe in-house design team, Grohe Sense and
Grohe Sense Guard are unique products that can be used to protect
a home from water damage. The Grohe Sense smart water sensor monitors humidity, detects leaks and alerts homeowners instantly in case of a problem via a message to the homeowner’s smartphone so that they can attend to the problem if they are close at hand or arrange for a key holder to enter the property if that is more convenient.

Installation of Grohe Sense could not be easier – that’s if placing a small circular module on the floor can be called ‘installing’. For maximum protection, a Grohe Sense module should be placed in all the ‘at risk’ possible leak areas in the home, so one in each bathroom, the kitchen and in a utility room if that’s where a washing machine, for example, is plumbed in.

Once installed, the Sense module – with a long-life battery estimated to provide power for up to four years – will check temperature to alert the user of possible freezing pipes, monitor humidity to prevent condensation building up and issue an audible alert and send out a notification to a smartphone if the module comes into contact with water.

The current estimated retail price of a Grohe Sense module is just over £50 which, compared with the call-out charge of an emergency plumber, may strike your clients as a bargain. A Sense + version of the module that is mains powered is also available for infrequently visited locations such as a cellar or a holiday home.

While Grohe Sense modules provide a high level of water security in their own right, the security system can be greatly enhanced with the addition of a Grohe Sense Guard that includes a number of extra user benefits. The Grohe Sense Guard is expected to retail for under £450 and has to be installed professionally in the mains inlet into the home. It constantly monitors the water flow, pressure and if it detects a sudden leak such as one caused by a pipe break, it instantly shuts down the water supply and issues an alert. Sense Guard works even if it is not connected to a LAN by pulsating red light and a bleeping sound.

In addition to protection against floods from burst pipes, the Grohe Sense Guard can detect a dripping tap which can really help to rack up charges for those on water meters and also detect leaking pipes which if undetected can cause extensive damage to a home. It is estimated that over a quarter of all cases of domestic water damage to homes are caused by leaking pipes. And even if the home is not damaged by, for example, a dripping hose pipe in the garden, a Grohe Sense Guard will trigger an alert that can help to prevent bank account damage when the bill for water use lands on the metered home’s doormat.

Grohe Sense and Grohe Sense Guard are great products in their own right and can make very useful additional sales if included in a new kitchen or bathroom project, not only adding value to the project itself but further underlining your status as a kitchen or bathroom expert. But to help your clients get
the best out of the system you could encourage them to download the Grohe Ondus App to their smartphone as this will give them a number of very useful benefits. It can be used to manage all of the Grohe LAN-connected devices. Temperature and humidity levels, using data from Grohe Sense (and Grohe Sense+), can be monitored, along with water temperature, water pressure and water ow via the Grohe Sense Guard.

However, one of the most useful functions is being able to remotely turn the water in a property on or off by sending a signal to the Grohe Sense Guard. So for example, if your client owns rental property, they can remotely turn off the water in any vacant property and turn it back on when a new tenant takes it over – very useful for holiday home lettings with a high turnover of short-term tenants.

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