Designer    Feature 30 Aug 2017

We’re going back to the future with a look at the latest CAD technology

Brand: 202 Technologies

Main CAD product: 202 Fusion



Intended users: Interior designers, kitchen designers, bathroom designers

Background: Developed in 1986
as Planit and the first kitchen and bathroom CAD software in the UK, Fusion has evolved over the years from being an add-on in the manual design process to becoming a fundamental design tool. There has been a continuous improvement in the graphics, together with an emphasis on increased speed and ease of use.

All the data is now cloud based which means the catalogues are streamed live so all the products are up-to-date and are certified to work with the software.

360° Panorama was launched in 2016 quickly followed by VR using a Google Cardboard viewer. Available in the autumn, Fusion 6 will deliver fast and stunning presentations which are quick and easy to change, giving designers more time for design creativity and a shorter sales cycle.

Key features: The stylish 2020 Fusion user interface, based on Microsoft Office Standards, makes it easy to learn and get access to the software’s many features, so that designers can focus fully on their design. They can personalise their on-screen planning space by adding frequently used functions to the quick access toolbar and configuring the design tools to suit the way they work.

Designers can display several views simultaneously and work on more
than one design at a time. They can present kitchen and bathroom designs on a separate customer-facing screen, including perspective view walkthroughs. Plus, they can add or modify products within any view and see their changes automatically being made throughout the software application.

With the latest version of 2020 Fusion designers can provide clients with an immersive 3D experience that makes them feel like they are right inside their new kitchen or bathroom design – all from the comfort of their own home. 2020 Fusion automatically emails a 360° Panorama view link to their clients’ and they can open it in any web browser or on their mobile devices and share it with friends and family.

Catalogue content can be accessed via the 2020 Cloud. Gone are the days of manually installing catalogues, designers can just start up 2020 Fusion and get immediate access to hundreds of items directly from their application’s interface. All of the items are guaranteed to be up-to-date and are certified to work with their software. Designers can also improve their productivity by immediately generating customer quotes and ordering products electronically with 2020 Fusion. Intelligent sales tools let designers manage every aspect of their projects, from confirming delivery dates to ensuring millimetre perfect installation.

Craig Rothwell, Managing Director, 2020 Technologies, said: “In this fast-paced industry designers need
a powerful, reliable CAD package they can master quickly. The ability
to produce compelling photo-realistic presentations is critical to helping their customers visualise their new spaces, form a personal connection with it and, ultimately, make the decision

to buy. It is also essential they have access to a wide selection of the latest manufacturers’ catalogues and are supported with sales and process management tools to create perfectly designed spaces from start to finish. Built on 30 years of industry experience, 2020 Fusion has evolved to support this process as well as embrace emerging tools such as 360° panoramic views and cloud technology, with developers constantly working to stay one step ahead of the trends. Feature-rich, yet fluid, updated software versions are released on a regular basis to ensure it continues to support the designer, enhance the sales process and anticipate those trends.”

Brand: Microcad Software

Main CAD product: autokitchen PRO and STUDIO


Intended Users: Target market is high end bespoke kitchen designers and manufacturers for our autokitchen PRO software as well as mainstream kitchen, bedroom and bathroom designers, including sliding wardrobe design specialists. autodecco is used extensively by interior designers and architects who specialise in interiors.

Background: Microcad Software
was founded 30 years ago and is recognised for producing highly flexible design software for kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms. It is an AutoCAD OEM developer, becoming the first and only company in Europe to sign an OEM agreement with Autodesk in 1998 for the design of kitchens. Since then all
of its software is powered by a built in AutoCAD OEM engine.

Key Features: Having a specially developed AutoCAD engine built in to autokitchen PRO software, enables it to handle larger and numerous product catalogues. It gives the designer unrivalled flexibility and together with its component cabinet catalogues allows the creation of bespoke cabinets and a parts list of panels to be produced all within the software.

Solid 3D models can be created using the software’s free draw tools like no other system on the market, which together with its ability to open and work with builders’ and architects’ DWG plans is the reason behind its success at the top of the market.

Andy Peters, UK Sales Director at Microcad Software, said: “autokitchen has sold in larger number in the UK over the last four years than at any time in its history. This is not only a mark of the software’s quality but a good indicator that the quality of the products and services offered by kitchen retailers and manufacturers are far better now than in the past.

“As products and design services offered at the bottom end of the
market have steadily improved, the more local private kitchen retailers have recognised the need to offer more unique products and better
client service rather than trying to compete on price. Our software has been a key element in helping achieve this, especially as more retailers are charging for their design service. There has to be a noticeable difference from using our software compared to what you would be presented with for free or we would not be where we are now. Also, an important part of our service
is to help our clients achieve better technical and visual presentations and quotation documentation.

“The KBB market is forever evolving with new products and trends. CAD as a method of presenting these products within a replication of the clients’ own room space is its key role, but through our constant development and use
of high quality software components and the latest rendering technology to produce the most realistic 3D images, including realistic 360° panorama, it will always be a work in progress and a pleasant challenge.”

Featured: 2020 Technologies digitally produced design

Published in Designer Kitchen & Bathroom Magazine