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German designer Sebastian Herkner teams up with bathroom brand Ex.t in new collection

Bathroom brand Ex.t has teamed up with designer Sebastian Herkner to launch a new bathroom collection on a whole new level

Among a clutch of new launches in Milan earlier this year, Italian bathroom brand Ex.t unveiled Plateau, the first foray into bathroom design by German designer Sebastian Herkner. The range has been inspired by the idea of playing and experimenting with shapes and colours to create a set of products that are stylish as well as useful and versatile.

The characteristic shelf or ‘plateau’ has become the stylistic leitmotif for the collection. Functional and elegant, this detail is a feature in every piece from the bathtub and washbasin to the mirrors.

An oval-shaped bathtub features a tray that appears to extend from its sides. Depending on the layout of the space, the tray can be added to the left or the right side of the tub.

Herkner said: “The tray embodies aesthetic and functionality working as a finer detail as well as a useful support to keep your belongings or products close to you whilst you are comfortably soaking in a bath.”

Accompanying the range, two frosted glass lamps – named Raso – emit a delicate light, and are available in pink, grey, white and transparent to match the Plateau mirrors.

The range was one component of a broader launch by Ex.t, which also presented a collection by Norm Architects, and is part of the brand’s attempts to further blur the boundaries between bathroom furniture and wider home design.

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