Designer    Feature 29 Aug 2017

The future is now – we look at CAD companies which are driving KB design forward

Brand: Virtual Worlds

Main CAD product: 4D Theatre

Intended users: KBB retailers and designers

Background: Virtual Worlds is celebrating its 20th birthday this year. During this time, the product has evolved from basic 2D CAD designs to a complete virtual reality suite which helps bring room sets to life like never before by allowing customers to step inside their designs and explore them for themselves.

Key features: The latest 4D Theatre package allows users to virtually walk around their dream kitchen or bathroom before a single tile has been laid. Using a specially designed virtual reality headset, users can enter the room and even reach out their own hands to interact with objects around them, including doors
and drawers. The system is backed up
by a comprehensive catalogue of more than 100 manufacturers, with designs undergoing rigorous modelling and quality control checks before being uploaded to Virtual Worlds’ cloud system for users to download and use within their rooms.

Nathan Maclean, Managing Director, Virtual Worlds, said: “CAD technology has long played an important role in
the design process for kitchen and bathroom retailers. It is one of the most important tools that retailers have at their disposal because it allows customers to see exactly what they are purchasing, giving them peace of mind that the final design will live up to their expectations.

“That is where virtual reality packages such as Virtual Worlds come in. Rather than looking in from the outside, customers are now able to step inside their proposed room and change products around until they have everything exactly as they would like. It is a powerful design tool that can help to improve conversion rates, enable upselling and increase customer satisfaction.”

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Brand: ArtiCAD

Main CAD products: ArtiCad-Pro; BathCAD; BedCAD

Intended users: designers; retailers; manufacturing specialists; suppliers to the KBB industry; educational establishments; contract designers; social housing providers

Background: In its 25th year, ArtiCAD-Pro and sister CAD software brands are constantly refined in line
with user feedback, industry fashions and technology advancements. Users can choose from a desktop version or an online (hosted) version, which can be used on any device with Internet access. The software is available to purchase outright or on a monthly subscription basis. Also available exclusively from ArtiCAD are fully integrated sales and presentation technologies that include an online room planner, online room style configurator, 360° panoramic viewer and now an Augmented Reality (AR) App.

Key features: ArtiCADs says that
its software is uniquely easy to use. Designers can produce ultra-high quality presentations in minutes. ArtiCAD manages component supplier based or complete catalogue-based design, to suit every type of KBB business environment. From Version 21 (launched this summer), ArtiCAD users can choose from five new pricing options for their designs, including seamless links to industry-leading pricing, management and furniture production systems and new catalogue systems featuring leading German kitchen brands will be introduced soon. ArtiCAD has
an A1 independent service rating and provides services under the ArtiCAD Academy banner that include design, sales and customer care training. ArtiCAD also provides its customers with complimentary marketing services and business guidance from independent experts as well as a full-blown CGI creative service.

Theresa Turner, Director of Marketing at ArtiCAD, said: “CAD software allows design specialists to develop and present their concepts to customers and other stakeholders in the design, sales and installation process. These processes have evolved and ArtiCAD has evolved with them – producing unique solutions to the challenges faced by designers and their businesses. We are technology development-driven and combine this focus on innovation with huge industry expertise to deliver ground-breaking and often award- winning software for K&B designers. As well as successful out-of-the-box CAD, we routinely develop custom systems to resolve our clients’ specific challenges.

“Renders are now ultra-realistic and the ability to create and easily import models from SketchUp means the potential for unique or distinguished design is almost limitless. Complimentary technologies, such as the brand new ArtiCAD AR and pricing and business management software, extend the benefits of CAD in the sales process, helping designers to impress more customers, differentiate their design business and win more sales.”

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Featured image: Virtual Worlds 4D Theatre

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