kb-network    Feature 15 Feb 2018

How exhibitors can get more for their ex-displays after KBB Birmingham, with Helen Lord

For exhibitors, displays are a costly investment and a burden after the event is over. Many attending KBB Birmingham next month will face this industry-wide problem. That is why we are so glad to announce a special deal for KBB Birmingham exhibitors, courtesy of the Used Kitchen Exchange.

Helen Lord founded the Used Kitchen Exchange (UKE) to help support the kitchen industry against the aforementioned problem. “For retailers needing to free up space to keep things flowing, ex-display models can cause commercial constipation,” says Lord.  “We receive so many calls after an event such as KBB Birmingham from retailers who are desperate to shift their displays.” But rather than a ‘fire sale’ that incurs a large commercial loss, Lord devised a more practical solution

UKE’s service starts in the run-up to the exhibition, using CADs, plans, or photos to advertise displays on www.usedkitchenexchange.co.uk. This is akin to the ‘soft launches’ used to build anticipation in the automotive industry. With over 80,000 commercial buyers – “who have deeper pockets than opportunistic property developers” – visiting their website each month, manufacturers and retailers can be confident to have buyers secured before the event even starts.

However, in the rare instances that a display is not sold before the event, UKE will send a photographer to the exhibition to market the displays on social media. The last time UKE did this, they sold the display model “in less than one hour, at the same price”.

To connect with the exhibitors at KBB Birmingham, the UKE are slashing their usual fee of £850 + VAT down to £500 + VAT.

Used Kitchen Exchange | usedkitchenexchange.co.uk