Designer    Feature 01 Dec 2016

Designers Charlotte Raynaud and Felix Hegenbart create a unique and stylish 1sqm kitchen

This clever creation manages to combine the functionality of a working kitchen with a compact piece of furniture design.

Created by Charlotte Raynaud and Felix Hegenbart, designer and carpenter/cabinetmaker in Aix en Provence, France, Maminicuisine offers high-end mini-kitchens, specially designed for small spaces, offices and tourist accommodation. Its philosophy is to combine design, technical innovations and traditional craftsmanship.

The designers worked with Hi-MACS and surface supplier Mobistrat to develop the design. The mini-kitchens are highly functional, included everything needed to offer maximum comfort to cook in a small space. In less than 1 sq m, the unit brings together the essential elements of a kitchen and includes induction hob, refrigerator, dishwasher and sink. When no longer in use, the kitchen closes and can be hidden from view, with the unit itself becoming a contemporary sideboard.

The Hi-MACS countertop was designed down to the smallest detail and provides smart storage solutions such as a magnetic knife holder, iPad holder to read recipes, and a compartment at the back of the countertop to store utensils.



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Photography: Denis Dalmasso