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Designer takes a step into the future, to look at the changing world of kitchen technology

Styles and fashions may come and go, but nothing in kitchen design moves quite as rapidly as technology. We consider the clever gadgetry and innovative ideas that are changing the way consumers live now and in the future…

Since the beginning of the Internet Age, technology has been playing an increasingly important part in our day-to-day lives. From the obvious interactions such as our now firmly embedded dependence on email and social media, to the slightly more ‘below the line’ impact of the Internet of Things which has an impact on many of the products we buy and services we use.

An increasingly common characteristic of this new tech revolution however is an expectation for it to exist largely ‘in the background’ with an emphasis on integrating technology seamlessly into our lives. This is particularly the case in the kitchen where ease of use typically overrides all else in an increasingly busy and sociable hub of the home.

Technology developments have enabled certain relatively young product categories to become major players in the kitchen, with steam cooking continuing to make a big impact. Max McCormick, Product Manager at Miele, says: “Combination steam ovens are the biggest growth area for Miele in terms of cooking, purchased as an addition to the conventional oven. Consumers have definitely become more aware of the benefits of steam, and we are seeing combination steam models taking the place of a microwave or compact second oven more frequently.”

He adds that when paired with a vacuum sealing drawer, this creates the perfect ‘sous vide station’ in one 60cm niche, adding value to the kitchen and allowing the consumer to get a lot more cooking versatility from their appliances. “The two products complement each other through precision; with the vacuum drawer offering commercial grade sealing and the steam oven one degree accuracy for professional sous vide results.”

Alexander Smith, Business Development Manager at KitchenAid, added: “Healthy living has been identified as a mega trend by market analysis and a growth in income, hectic lifestyles and an increased desire to consume more fresh food are all driving factors contributing to the trend.

“Sous-vide addresses the healthy living megatrend and meets the desires of those who are passionate about food and cooking. Shock-freezing the dish, once cooked, retains the food’s aroma, taste and nutritional value and can be enjoyed up to a year after freezing. This can allow the user to prepare their own healthy, gourmet, ready meals at home. Cooking with steam requires no additional fats or oils and preserves the nutritional value of the ingredients. In addition, freezing the ingredients means there is no need to add any additional preservatives.”

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