Utopia    Feature 31 May 2017

Country kitchens predicted to be ‘the next big thing’; these cute, cosy schemes show why

Hot on the heels of the Danish desire to create ‘hygge’ in the home – defined as a quality of cosiness and comfort that engenders feelings of contentment and well-being – there’s been a resurgence in the popularity of the country style kitchen in the UK.

“Although these kitchens have always been popular, we’re predicting that country kitchens will be the ultimate trend this year,” said Simon Collyns, marketing and sales director, Symphony Group. “Both shaker styles, with

their clean simple lines, and the more traditional in-frame look is continuing to be a popular choice.”

The Scandinavian approach also influences the choice of materials
used in a country kitchen with natural finishes, such as granite and wood worktops, the most popular options. However, the latest twist in the trend is to make sure your traditional country kitchen doesn’t just feature all the latest mod cons, but also looks contemporary.

“One of the ways to make a country kitchen look more modern is to mix materials,” says interior designer Rebecca Hughes. “Combine rustic timber beams with modern finishes such as black granite and antique mirror splash backs. I also love the impact of open kitchen shelves in a country style kitchen – the idea of intentional clutter fills me with excitement. We like to carefully curate shelves with the help of our clients to create something personal yet aesthetically pleasing.”


Featured: Schmidt Kitchens, large country kitchen with distinctive large dining table.

Schmidt | homedesign.schmidt
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