Designer    Feature 13 Apr 2017

Company Profile – Neolith® by TheSize #Ad

TheSize was founded in 2009 with the objective of creating a new material category suitable for interior and exterior application. By 2010 the manufacturer had introduced Neolith® to the market, a pioneering Sintered Stone that ushered in a new material category to the world of surfacing; and one that has proven to be immensely popular for kitchen and bathroom specification.

Neolith® is TheSize’s flagship product and contributes heavily to the Spanish company’s remarkable growth. Since 2014, the manufacturer has achieved double-digit growth and operates in over 80 countries via a network of distributors.

Neolith® is created through TheSize’s sinterization technology whereby minerals and other raw materials are exposed to extremely high pressure and temperature. The process resembles the way natural stone forms but takes hours as oppose to thousands of years to achieve. The result is a product with outstanding physical and mechanical properties in terms of compaction, resistance and durability.

TheSize’s innovative Neolith® Digital Design (NDD) decoration technique means the surface pushes the boundaries of colour and texture. The advantage is that Neolith® slabs offer the aesthetics of material such as wood, metal and marble but with material properties better suited for the demand of the kitchen and bathroom environment.

Near-zero porosity makes Neolith® hygienic, stain resistant, easy to clean and impervious to chemicals. The product is also wear, scratch and heat resistant and its colours do not vary when exposed to UV rays. Additionally, Neolith®’s lightweight nature means it is easy to install, making the surface suitable for virtually every kitchen and bathroom surface. The material is also 100% natural and due to its natural composition, 100% recyclable.

With demand for Neolith® growing exponentially since the opening of the factory in Castellón, Spain, eight years ago, TheSize installed a third production line at the tail end of 2016. The expansion has enabled the manufacturer to create new finishes and designs as shown in its introduction of five new decors, a new finish and new thickness in 2017.

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