Utopia    Feature 01 Aug 2014

Colchester based Davonport Linear Kitchen Designers conquer sharp lines and warm tones

Sharp geometric lines, as used for this L-shaped island, create a contemporary look and feel. Here walnut veneer has been used for a warm natural finish and contrasts with the high-gloss and matt white finishes of the two islands. Davonport Linear kitchen, made in Colchester. Kitchens from £35,000. davonport.com


Exuding pizzazz and of-the-now flair, elegant yet not too safe — we celebrate time-honoured craftsmanship fused with contemporary creativity and vision.

We’re an unusual lot us Brits… we drive on the left, live in Europe (but don’t think of ourselves as European), go bog snorkelling in our leisure hours and host the World Pea Shooting Championships, to say nothing of our habit of incessant tea drinking (with milk not lemon to many a foreigner’s horror) — all the same we’re admired the world over for our quintessential style, however, when contemplating things British many would think only of traditional: large country piles, Chippendale furniture, black London cabs and her Majesty the Queen, and they’re right — we Brits do trad exceedingly well.

But now there’s a new generation of designers making their mark. Their designs reference our heritage and expertise but with an understated modern twist. It’s a world where bespoke kitchens are ‘created’, not simply ‘made’.

Many of the companies shown here welcome prearranged visits to their workshops, where you will discover the attention to detail that goes into each kitchen. You’ll witness impeccable design fused with the finest cabinet making skills, creating distinctive kitchen furniture of exceptional quality — well proportioned, good taste, elegant in style, yet not too safe.



Published in Utopia Kitchen & Bathroom Magazine