Utopia    Feature 02 Mar 2017

Celebrate the brilliance of luxury compact bathrooms with these elegant designs…

It’s time to celebrate the little things. These compact designs pack style, luxury and function into the smallest of spaces.

Small spaces can present some very obvious problems when it comes to creating beautiful kitchens and bathrooms. But fear not, if your current space is more ‘broom cupboard’ than ‘bijou’ we have some smart suggestions to help you make the most of what you’ve got.

“If space is limited in your bathroom opt for tall, wall-hung cabinets to free up precious floor space, large mirrors will make a huge difference too,” said Chris Payne, designer from Ripples. “Lighting is a very useful feature, especially with technological advances in LED tape lighting. Tiny strips of light can be mounted under basins or shelves, giving the appearance of items floating in space.”

From basins to baths, even to toilets, there are new ways we can ensure every essential function is fitted into a tiny space. A short, yet deep, freestanding bath or a foldaway shower enclosure could be the practical answer for your smaller bathroom.

Carefully placed furniture and cleverly chosen colours can create an inviting, stylish space way beyond its diminutive size. While many people immediately opt for white with smaller spaces, as its light-reflecting nature creates the illusion of space, in actual fact, incorporating colour can add a whole new dimension. However, most experts agree, it’s best to choose a palette of sharper, brighter colours. Bringing a splash of colour to a radiator or a windowsill will add excitement and depth.

Don’t be afraid to consider raw woods and perhaps some Moroccan-style tiles too, these elements will enhance the characterful ambience of your space.

A compact kitchen design has to be realistic, but there is generally no need to compromise on style. “Lateral thinking should lead you to consider a more moody, atmospheric scheme that focuses on drama whilst also being understated,” says Colin Wong, creative director or Development Direct. “I like to use similar undertones for the kitchen cabinetry and the walls so the overall scheme blends together.”

One important consideration for a smaller space is lighting, and for this – integrate! Task, ambient and mood lighting can all be integrated into areas around the kitchen – under shelving, within the ceiling, even automatic light nestled within the cabinetry – flooding the space with light. Alongside being practical for cooking, this approach will make the room seem larger.

Compact spaces are so often seen as an inconvenience, but now it’s time to celebrate their snug warmth, potential and characterful aesthetic – they’re intriguing nature is undeniably inviting so get creative and make your beautiful, not basic.

Published in Utopia Kitchen & Bathroom Magazine