Utopia    Feature 01 Feb 2018

Bottoms up! Make a statement in your bathroom with bold patterned flooring

While the popularity of
pale floors shows no sign
of abating, hot on its heels comes a trend featuring
bold, bright and beautiful patterns with sharp, decorative designs that are guaranteed
to transform your bathroom.

Whatever your taste, there’s something for everyone. From tantalising triangles to intricate, Moroccan- inspired tiles, harnessing palettes of elegant colours, there is a plethora of patterns to make an impact.

“The interest for pattern is continuing into 2018 as homeowners have become more accustomed and comfortable around bolder patterns,” observes Claire O’Brien, head of design and product for British Ceramic Tile. “We have noticed an asymmetrical approach to decorative pattern – eclectic blend is the new orderly. Mixing tones and angles has become a popular way to create a random yet playful design.

“As key design trends such as industrial living soften, pattern has been added to harsher effects such as concrete and metal to combine the trend with our continued love for traditional prints.”

“Geometric tile shapes have surged
in popularity over the past few years and the latest hot new shape is the triangle,” commented Jess Piddock, in-house Designer for Domus. “It’s a great update to the hex or standard metro tile and it ties in particularly well with the tribal trend that’s already popular in fabrics and accessories.”

And for the more reserved among us, there will be plenty of options that are subtler in hue than their original counterparts. Steve Whitehurst, Sales and Marketing Director at Craven Dunnill, explained: “We anticipate patterned floor tiles will become more mainstream in 2018, as faux encaustic and Moroccan cement designs in subtle colour combinations become more readily available in smaller sizes.

“Gentle tones tailored to our UK palette, in contrast to harsh Mediterranean colours, and 150 x 150mm formats are perfect for making a style statement.”

Featured: Marble patterned tiles from The Bisazza Marmo Collection.

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