Designer    Feature 08 Jun 2017

Bathroom basics – Dan Cook of C.P.Hart explains the best ways to illuminate the bathroom

Though recent innovations in technology allow for lighting to be integrated into every corner of the bathroom, the smart choice requires 
a finely-tuned approach to the use
and placement of these solutions.
 Dan Cook, Principal Development Designer at C.P.Hart, explained: “It’s important to consider the features of the bathroom you wish to highlight when installing lighting, as lighting is used to enhance and highlight the details 
of the bathroom design. You should also consider the placement of mirrors and the lighting that will work best
 with these. Clever techniques include using strategic points such as eye level lighting around a vanity area to create a more flattering and practical effect.”

Aligning with the age-old phrase ‘less is more’, Cook said: “A key thing to avoid when choosing lighting is over-lighting the bathroom, as this can have the effect of bleaching everything out. Also, be careful when selecting the position of downlighters in the ceiling. If positioned directly above where a homeowner would stand in front of the vanity to shave or apply make-up, the light above will cast shadows down on to the face.”

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Published in Designer Kitchen & Bathroom Magazine