Utopia    Feature 12 Jul 2017

Bathing in bliss – this luxurious spa-inspired scheme will let you relax in style

We all love a spa day, so why not dim the lights, relax in a luxurious jacuzzi bath, steam room or sauna, and revel in your very own spa sanctuary…

The Corsair Grande inset bath from Bagnodesign can be fitted with an optional whirlpool system to turn the bathroom into a home spa. The Luxury Spa Whirlpool System includes 24 LED lights and spa jets, for the ultimate wellness experience.

Combine this whirlpool bath with Balinese Teak furniture from the contemporary Metreaux collection, which includes a wall-mounted vanity base unit
with a drawer and a matching vertical storage unit with open shelving, for a hotel-inspired finish.


Advice form the experts…

“Creating a spa-like atmosphere in the bathroom is all down to luxury – be it a multi-functional showerhead, a bath with whirlpool jets or brassware with a waterfall spout. This isn’t a look that is exclusive to larger bathrooms at all, although the bigger the space, the more of an impact the fixtures and fittings will have. Rather, it is down to choosing products that will leave the user feeling calm and relaxed. This is why practical considerations such as good storage are also so important, in order to create a relaxing environment. Take inspiration here from hotels, with open storage in the form of a simple shelf beneath the wash basin and an extended countertop to complete that spa-like vibe.”

Simon Davis, Retail Director, Bagnodesign

Bagnodesign | bagnodesign.co.uk
Published in Utopia Kitchen & Bathroom Magazine