kb-network    Feature 30 Jun 2017

Amir Reske, Caesarstone MD, reveals the secrets behind the brand’s new quartz colours!

Amir Reske, managing director at Caesarstone, talks to kb-network about the brand’s new Quartz collection after its official launch last night in Soho, and reveals just what will make you choose Caesarstone as your number one surface supplier… 

What did Caesarstone hope to achieve with these new Quartz colours? What sets them apart from your other collections? 

Each year, Caesarstone launches a very considered collection of new colours which are designed to meet current design trends, therefore providing consumers with the chance to create their perfect look in the home. The four new additions to the Caesarstone range do exactly that.

Caesarstone’s reputation for innovation is renowned; it has been forged over thirty years, during which time the brand has consistently brought ground-breaking designs to the market that have set new technical benchmarks, as well as new trends in interior design surfaces. This new collection continues to expand on these themes, adding concrete, granite, and marble inspired products that work across a myriad of interior design styles in domestic and commercial environments.

Market feedback is continually telling us that we are delivering the best colours, designs and patterns and I think this is evident when you look at the new products. From the selection of the background shades through to the subtleties of the veining, there is little that comes close to the timeless elegance of our Super Natural and Ultra Natural range.

Rugged Concrete is a never seen before breakthrough finish, a product that perfectly captures the concrete aesthetic without any of the material challenges. It is well suited for a chic, modern, unfinished edge, offering an industrial look that will complement any design. Given its huge desirability coupled with very attractive pricing, vast interest in the material meant that we actually had to increase stock levels to cope with demand.

How long did it take to develop the new collection? What is Caesarstone’s development process like? 

Caesarstone products are typically several years in the making. Early development always stems from market feedback, demand, and the ongoing work that Caesarstone does with global trend forecasters, designers, and a wealth of expertise which has been built up in the R&D and global marketing teams. This allows our marketing teams to spot where the market is going, as well as, in many cases, where it needs to be lead.

As you can imagine, the testing process of any new product is rigorous. Aside from colours and patterns, Caesarstone is widely respected for its quality, performance and high-standards within the manufacturing facility.

Multiple batches of new designs are made, starting in low quantities, within the R&D laboratories before moving to segregated areas of the manufacturing line and then into the main line. It is a laborious but nonetheless vital process. Caesarstone products are designed and manufactured using a number of proprietary technologies, which go a long way to ensure that our products remain unique in the market.

What schemes do you see the new colours (Montblanc, Turbine Grey, Moorland Fog, Rugged Concrete) fitting into? 

I would be very interested to see how our architect, designer, and fabricator partners interpret this question. It would be very easy to assign specific styles to Montblanc, Turbine Grey, Moorland Fog or Rugged Concrete; transitional, traditional and contemporary, for example. However, I don’t think it’s that defined in reality. A clever designer will always break the rules – some of the most striking interiors that I have seen this year have crafted Caesarstone materials in an entirely unexpected way – from countertop surfaces, wall panelling, furniture, and many other creative ways.

What will make the trade choose Caesarstone’s new collection above everything else? What gives it the ‘x-factor’? 

The trade, our industry partners, will choose the Caesarstone collection because of our reputation for innovation, uniqueness and unparalleled quality.

Architects and designers want to be able to use the best new and unique colours and designs to put in front of their clients. Fabricators want to work with high quality surfaces that are easily installed and that will meet the high expectations of end consumers or commercial specifiers.

In addition, we are working hard to ensure that our service to the industry is peerless, including aftersales. Caesarstone is the number one brand in virtually all of its directly operated businesses around the world. This market leadership is based entirely on these three facets; design, performance, and service. The UK is no different.

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