Utopia    Feature 01 Mar 2016

A how-to on mixing and matching bespoke kitchen materials, textures and colours

Avoid the bland and go bold in your kitchen. Mix materials, textures and colours to create a room that is uniquely your style.

Whether your taste is simple, eclectic, modern or traditional, why not do something different and shake things up? There’s plenty to play with — cabinets, worktops, flooring and wall tiles, appliances, sinks and taps — go get creative!

Consider how you use your kitchen. If you’re a keen chef and the ergonomics are a priority think about using mixed materials to divide your work areas into zones. Or if you’re keen to create a statement contemplate using a single material to make one element stand out. How about a concrete worktop, a brightly-coloured range cooker or a textured splashback?

Be brave and pull together materials that are poles apart. There are no rules. Contrast rustic, textured wood cabinetry with a sleek, sparkling, composite worktop. And add extra definition by emphasising the soft curves of warm materials with the sharp lines of cool surfaces.

Even if you favour a simple contemporary look, you can still achieve an individual sleek and seamless kitchen by injecting multiple colours into your design. Add a subtle shift in pace with a soft tonal change in the cabinetry, or for a more dramatic contrast, go for a bright freestanding fridge or an enamelled cast iron range.

Whatever your style — get in the mix!


Tactile texture, pattern and print, traditional versus industrial, natural and synthetic, accents and statement elements, matt and gloss surfaces, perfect combinations, wood, glass, metal, stone, granite, concrete, make it your own…


Published in Utopia Kitchen & Bathroom Magazine