Utopia    Feature 21 Sep 2017

From the 1980s to today, we look at the style evolution of Martin Moore’s kitchens

“When we launched our hand painted kitchen in 1982, it gave classic English furniture a new look. The 80’s were a very bright, colourful time and our kitchens often reflected this. Moving through into the 1990’s however, we quickly saw elegant creams predominating. “Over the decades, the way that our kitchens look has continued to evolve, as has the way we use colour. Nowadays we often employ different shades to give visual definition to various different zones in the kitchen. The colours themselves have also changed significantly. The current trend is for are ned palette of whites and pale neutrals emphasised with stronger, darker shades of blues and greys,” said Richard Moore, Design Director of Martin Moore.

Martin Moore | martinmoore.com
Published in Utopia Kitchen & Bathroom Magazine