Designer    Exhibition 09 Oct 2017

This year’s Surface and Materials show is not to be missed! Here’s why…

This year’s Surface and Materials Show will present a myriad of key trends, including the hotly- discussed emerging theme of hyper-nature. This interesting new concept will be showcased at this month’s event through a collection of high-performance wall coverings that each present textural aesthetics influenced by the natural world. For bathrooms specifically, the market is already seeing designs leaning toward this trend, and thanks to the influences of Hygge, home-spa bathrooms and greenery-inspired hues – all of which orbit nature- focussed brief – expectations are for this hyper-nature style to grow in popularity.

From metals and marbles to distressed woods and raw stones, these elegant, earthy designs, are combined with the latest technological and material advancements to provide an instant stylish solution for any bathroom. Additionally, digital printing technology
is making a mass effect in this style sector – allowing for bold colours, ‘ghosted’ images and exaggerated grain or textural effects to be easily attained, on a practical and long-lasting material.

The hyper-nature looks on
show at this year’s exhibition include: Kerradeco’s African Wood – solid wall panels that offer the beauty of highly grained timber in an easy-clean finish; Fibo’s Roughwood Marcato – the company’s latest tile panel collection that offers modern matt, textured finishes, large tile designs and thin grout lines; and Johnson Tiles’ Classics Carrara – a range of glazed ceramic wall tiles, inspired by the beauty of natural marble and stones.

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