Designer    Exhibition 07 Mar 2018

Visiting Laufen at KBB Birmingham – three of the most innovative collections on show

In suite 32-34 at KBB we found Laufen showcasing the skills of high-profile designers in its range of new products. Three of the most innovative new collections on show were:

Sonar by Patricia Urquiola

With Sonar (featured), the internationally acclaimed and eclectic designer has taken SaphirKeramik to a third level with great sensitivity. The stylish range of thoughtfully and elegantly designed wall-hung washbasins, washbasin bowls and bathtubs is characterised by soft curves and fluid lines.

Cleanet Riva by Peter Wirz

A WC with sophisticated shower functions that combine luxury with hygiene, this shower toilet features intuitive, easy-to-use technology. It is the world’s first integrated shower toilet with a completely closed ceramic body and has already won several high-profile international awards.

Val by Konstantin Grcic

Initially presented in 2015, the Munich star designer Konstantin Grcic has designed new pieces for the range, masterfully presenting the characteristic interaction between forms and lines in the Val collection.

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