kb-network    Exhibition 14 Jun 2017

Vauth-Sagel states “all visitors wanted to know what is new for the company” at interzum 2017

Vauth-Sagel is celebrating a successful time at interzum 2017, exclaiming “never before have so many visitors wanted to obtain information about the innovations in the furniture supplier industry.” 

Taking place in Cologne, Germany, from 21 – 24 May 2017, the company greeted a multitude of visitors over the the course of the exhibition and in turn introduced them to Vauth-Sagel’s newly launched storage solution – the CORNERSTONE MAXX. 

Said to “redefine kitchen corner spaces”, the new easy-to-fit storage solution makes use of the redundant corner unit space.

Vauth-Sagel explained “Access to surrounding cupboards is not obstructed because CORNERSTONE MAXX only swings in front of its own unit. Here the movement sequence is supported by PAM, the Power-Assistant-Movement-System.

Thanks to the product’s lifting mechanism and soft push and pull action, opening and closing is almost automatic and soundless.” 

Claus Sagel himself added, “With the CORNERSTONE MAXX we’ve developed the best corner cupboard solution currently available.”

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