Designer    Exhibition 13 Mar 2018

UK market welcomes Italian-born brand, Treesse, following its launch at KBB Birmingham

Launched at this year’s KBB exhibition, in Birmingham 4th-7th March, family-owned Italian-originated brand, Treesse, has introduced itself into the UK bathroom market.

Treesse, or Gruppo Tres, is known for its specially-manufactured whirlpools and multifunctional showers, whose designs combine contemporary aesthetics with carefully hidden, yet ultra-functional technology. The brand’s latest innovation, the Ghost system by Marc Sadler, was a starring attraction at KBB. Featuring whirlpool jets and atmospheric lighting, both of which are subtly concealed within a ‘ghost line’, the new technology is applicable to everything from mini-swimming pools to bath tubs and shower systems. Thanks to its integrated illumination, colours and sound functions, the Ghost system will provide the user with an all-round sensual and relaxing experience.

Treesse has launched a series of high-tech bathroom products into the UK, each of which incorporate the innovative Ghost system. Here are our three key picks:

The Fusion 230

The ‘Fusion 230’ model (230x180cm) features the patented ‘ghost system’, with an enveloping LED-integrated ghost line encircling the bath’s interior. The ghost line similarly houses the bath’s 18 whirlpool jets and is fashioned from a transparent variant of the material used for the bathtub shell. The integrated lighting can be set on one colour or programmed to gently scroll through the spectrum, to suit each user.

Additionally, the Fusion 230 offers a water temperature stabiliser, active disinfectant function and Bluetooth option – which allows the tub to synchronise with Treesse’s ‘Big Bang’ sound and colour diffuser lamps, providing an immersive well-being experience for users. Hidden water filling and electronic drainage allow the Fusion 230 to maintain its clean, purist lines and minimal aesthetic, while an optional automatic/pneumatic lift system is also available for clients who desire a built-in version. The bath itself is available in any RAL colour.

Big Bang

Again, part of the new ‘Ghost’ series, Treesse’s Big Bang diffuser aims to give users a complete ‘spa experience’.

Continuing the minimalist trend, the Big Bang boasts a simple lamp-like look with three strategically-placed LED spotlights that can gently scroll through a 16-colour spectrum, alongside a waterproof Bose speaker, which is also built into the body of the product. The Big Bang is crafted from fibreglass materials and is available in a choice of pure black, pure white or mixed monochromatic finishes, and can be used as a standalone piece or synchronised with Treesse’s Ghost whirlpools or showers.


The Scuretto multifunctional shower enclosure, designed by Marc Sadler, features an innovative LED lighting feature housed within the Cristaltech® shower wall and roof. In-keeping with Sadler’s clean-lined approach to design, the back-wall and tray are all crafted from one piece of Cristaltech, for ease of maintenance, while the tray itself has a built-in drain. Functions include an overhead and hand-held shower, alongside an optional Bluetooth and ‘Cromoexperience’ lighting feature.

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