Designer    Exhibition 01 Jul 2016

Tom Dixon collaborates with Andrew Baughen to create unusual light design space

Rather than rent a space in Clerkenwell, designer Tom Dixon decided to collaborate with Andrew Baughen, the vicar of St James’ Church, to create an unusual exhibition space to display a selection of innovative light designs. Baughen sees the potential of making this unique building available to the daytime residents of the area – the creative workforce – and a place for the residential community to use as a resource.

The unusual volumes, nooks and crannies of this classic 18th Century church presented an opportunity to showcase new lighting and furniture products (such as the Curve light), against a series of historic backdrops in The Church by Tom Dixon, including the panelled wood of the vestry, the bare stone entrance hall, and huge stained glass panels of the main church space.

As a lasting gift to the church, Tom Dixon Studio has left many of the lighting installations and furniture in situ for the congregation to enjoy.


Tom Dixon /