kb-eye    Exhibition 13 Feb 2018

Stand K110 – Corian plans to give away its KBB-featured kitchen islands to a selection of showrooms

The Corian stand at KBB explores the multiple ways in which the company’s sophisticated material can be optimised for kitchen design. Making the most of the popular new colours, the stand features a series of island installations ranging in style from dramatic zig-zags and cantilevered curves to sculptural ‘icebergs’ and a classic, shaker-style sink unit.

Live demonstrations of a new method of maintenance will take place on stand K110, illustrating how Corian brings lasting and tangible benefits – from easy care and hygiene to durability.

The stand will show off the company’s islands through decorative backlighting (supplied by Applelec), flowing thermoformed curves, monolithic seamlessness, champagne troughs, and smoothly integrated technology, such as embedded wireless charging and downdraft extraction.

The new colours on display will include: Grey Onyx and White Onyx (swirling patterns against a translucent background), Limestone, Dune and Nimbus from the Prima collection (a highly veined mineral aesthetic), Neutral Concrete (a sleek, smart, and subtle urban-inspired shade), plus Willow (a subtly textured hue in ever popular tones of soft grey and brown) and the new Graylite and Sparkling White options (an exotic dark grey and a bright white, both with reflective particles.)

The island units on show at KBB will be offered free of charge as display features for any showrooms interested in updating with a new installation.

Corian | corian.uk