kb-eye    Exhibition 05 Mar 2018

Stand J125— Maxtop Quartz to unveil brand new colours and designs for the first time at KBB

Alongside the introduction of new lines, bringing a fresh aesthetic to the existing Maxtop Quartz range, the company will also showcase the result of its new, innovative manufacturing process, which means no visible edging and a seamless finish.

Speaking of the new products Stephen Moss, managing director at Maxtop Quartz Ltd, said, “The introduction of new colours and designs is part of our approach to change the way people perceive quartz worktops and ultimately make them more accessible to everyone. Maxtop Quartz has always been an ideal alternative to solid stone for a range of projects, from home DIY to large-scale projects, thanks to its lightweight properties, wide choice of designs and enhanced impact resistance.
The material’s lightweight properties are a huge advantage, especially in high rise developments, as the weight doesn’t have an adverse effect on the installation teams. As health and safety issues are a key aspect in any specifying and decision making, and often a problem when it comes to heavier alternatives, Maxtop is leading the way in product engineering and innovation. With the launch of Maxtop Quartz to the UK market back in 2014, we introduced a range of benefits that were unavailable with any other quartz product; and now our new manufacturing process is also a game-changer in terms of modular quartz products and that, combined with a range of new designs to choose from, we’re adding even more aesthetic advantages to the product.”

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