kb-eye    Exhibition 07 Feb 2018

Stand H82 – SCHOCK presents two new South Seas and South America inspired lines for CRISTADUR


The sea is a captivating subject for consumers. From curious creatures that populate the depths, to hidden treasures and ancient shipwrecks, everybody has a vivid picture of life beyond the water’s edge. It is this picture that the new Millennial Line draws upon. Developed by SCHOCK for its patented premium CRISTADUR material, the new collection adds another splash of colour to the sink and tap manufacturer’s range.

The Millennial Line is based on a palette of grey, navy and rose, and blends just as well with steel furnishings as it does with copper, marble or PVD-coated finishes.

The Golden Line transports consumers into the world of lost civilisations and enriches the stony finish of CRISTALITE with intense colours reminiscent of the culture, landscape and wildlife of South America. To achieve the intense colours of the Golden Line, SCHOCK developed a complex mixture of special-effect pigments that together take CRISTALITE to a new level. From warm and natural blends of wood and rocky grey to exotic combinations of copper, gold and black, the new shades span a broad spectrum to add individuality to any kitchen.

“As front-runners and innovators, we want to create colour nuances that will become trendy in the future and are therefore even more contemporary than the current zeitgeist. This appeals to particularly trend conscious people who are looking for individuality,” said CSO Sven-Michael Funck.

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