Designer    Exhibition 22 Jan 2018

A sneak preview of the new kitchen and bathroom products at this week’s Architect@Work exhibition

After a rigorous selection process, overseen by external judges, ensuring that this is one of the UK’s most highly respected trade shows of its kind, exhibitors of next week’s Architect@Work exhibition have started to set up their stands. Over 100 leading suppliers will showcase their innovative products and services, which will include the latest in lighting technology, surface solutions, as well as fixtures and fittings. With its eye to the keyhole, kb-eye is giving you an advanced preview of the best kitchen and bathroom offerings that will be available to the public as of next Wednesday:

Swiss company Sky-Frame will unveil a large, fixed glazing system that appears to be almost frameless. This is combined with sliding windows to create a flush-fitted, continuous glass membrane. Elegant and fully insulated, the new Inline system boasts a minimally visible width of 30mm – the thinnest dimension modern technology will allow. Alongside them, Lamilux will show three products including the Lamilux CI System Roof light Dome F100 Prismatic Glazing. The new prismatic glazing prism system guarantees a more effective use of daylight, by distributing it evenly and deeply into the room thanks to the dome shape and internal prism. The product uses clear glass that provides glare-free daylight, while the prismatic system prevents the accumulation of dirt in the interior of the pane.

Wall coverings:

Saint-Gobain will present ADFORS Novelio Nature, which is the first ready-to-use glass fibre wall covering. The range uses coated glass fibre to create decorative wall coverings based on patterns inspired by natural textiles such as linen, jute and silk. Each collection has its own concept, from Scandinavian style to Asian elegance. The product is impact resistant, washable, colour fast, re-paintable and strippable, fire resistant and non-toxic. Equally exciting, the Italian company Santa Margherita will present Palladio and the 900 series. Palladio is a marble based engineered stone made with tumbled Carrara marble stones bound with polyester resin. The 900 series is a new rendition of the traditional terrazzo which uses polyester resin instead of cement as the binder, allowing for thinner tiles. 12mm thick tiles are available in various formats. The product is suitable for interior flooring and cut to size.

Danish company Hudevad Radiators will present the Hudevad Lignum, the most hygienic radiator on the market. The radiator has no openings, edges or surfaces for potential residue of dust, dirt or bacteria, making it perfect for installation in care facilities where high hygiene standards are of the upmost importance. The product can be completely integrated in to the wall, floor or window frame and its flat front allows it to blend discretely into the room for ultimate interior design flexibility. It uses zonal heating and is also insulated against the wall so that heat is not lost to other building elements, making it very energy-efficient. Interestingly, CEA Design will show five products including REGOLO, a tap that allows water temperature to be adjusted via a slider. The model allows for the management of temperature and water flow in one movement. REGOLO is made from stainless steel and available in a satin or polished finish. The REGOLO reduces energy consumption as the tap starts with cold rather than mixed water. An aerator also limits the consumption of water to 5 litres per minute.

The Architect@Work exhibition takes place at London’s Olympia, in Kensington, during the 24-25th of January.

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