kb-network    Exhibition 24 Feb 2017

Science meets Design in Aran Cucine’s new and innovative LAB13 Kitchen Design

Exhibiting their experimental side, Aran Cucine decide to debut new futuristic LAB13 Kitchen at the Living Kitchen trade fair, Cologne.

Drawing inspiration from the science of cooking, the LAB13 is a modular kitchen design featuring a 20% increased unit capacity. Described as ‘a kitchen laboratory’, it effortlessly combines beauty, quality, and convenience with no need to compromise.

Thanks to Aran’s bespoke design, the LAB13’s worktops are made with consideration to the homeowner’s height, making for an entirely worthwhile long-term home investment.

Available in over 15 materials and 150 finishings, you’ll be spoilt for choice with this stunning minimalist designer kitchen.


Price on Request. 

Aran Cucine / arancucine.it