Designer    Exhibition 14 Mar 2018

Salone del Mobile, Eurocucina – Euromobil reveals further insights into its impressive 2018 stand…

This year’s Euromobil stand at Eurocucina, Milan, is certainly set to impress; having already confirmed the appearance of its Telaro furniture range, the brand has announced another key element in its Eurocucina showcase: Leon.

The new Leon kitchen door, designed by Roberto Gobbo and R&S Euromobil, is a tribute to Leon Battista Alberti – whose designs focus on architectural proportions rather than pomp and ostentatious elements – and is a result of the company’s study of current socio-cultural orientations and evolution of space distribution in the contemporary home.  The eventuating product presents clean lines and an exciting palette of textures and colours, including a distinctive anodised aluminium frame and ‘tray’ type handle. Combining a number of horizontal and vertical doors can craft a creative grid effect, and truly showcase the collection to its best.

The project also includes elements such as the Kabin – a cabinet with a smooth, sliding door, which features a full-length LED-illuminated handle – as well as the Ambrogio countertop storage unit, with a practical motorised roller blind and back-lit rear panel.

The mind behind the design: Roberto Gubbo

Born in Treviso, Italy, in 1956, Roberto Gubbo [featured] studied architecture at the IUAV in Venice, before graduating in 1982. In 1983, he then opened his own studio, operating in the fields of architecture and industrial design, as a designer and consultant. Moving on from independent work, Gubbo began his collaboration with Euromobil and Zalf Désirée in 1988 and 1996, respectively, and worked to oversee the design of products, showrooms and exhibitions in Italian and international exhibitions.

In 2000, he participated in the ‘Essere BenEssere’, with a work on the theme of the kitchen banquet. That same year he created an installation titled ‘La sala Telematica’ at Abitare il Tempo in Verona. Both projects were made in collaboration with Euromobil. His project was then selected for I.DoT – Italian Design on Tour 2004/2005.

Gubbo has also lectured on design at the Venice IUAV University Institute of Architecture and the LAU Lebanese American University.

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