Designer    Exhibition 01 Mar 2018

Salone del Mobile, Eurocucina – ARAN Cucine gets back to nature with kitchen-cum-fruit-tree design

Stefano Boeri has designed a truly innovative product for ARAN Cucine: a table that houses all the appliances for the preservation, preparation and cooking of food in a single block. This includes the functions of “conservation, preparation, cooking, serving, meal, interaction, washing, and recycling.”

While acting as a comprehensive kitchen set-up, the new concept is also a work of art: Stefano Boeri does not simply propose a collection of products, but a living space, as exemplified by the fruit tree around which the design revolves. The tree is a symbol, mnemonic and a reference to the network of family relationships (i.e. a family tree) that is increasingly variable in geometry, changing over time, following the life trajectories of its members as they, and it, grow.

The tree, the table and the hob are therefore a single object, capable of evoking stories, anecdotes, shared memories and culinary secrets. Not just a material kitchen, but also an emotional space for narrating everything that happens to the family.

ARAN Cucine can be found in Pavillion 13, stands A07-B10, at EuroCucina.

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