Designer    Exhibition 24 Feb 2017

Premium German brand next125 showcase their unique donkey-inspired concept at LivingKitchen

Next125 launch iconic virtual reality marketing campaign featuring some furry friends.


Using nature to represent the ethos of their designs, next125 took centre stage at the Cologne LivingKitchen Exhibition with their blend of pastoral farm animals and cutting-edge kitchen design.

With a core belief that design should be in harmony with both nature and price, next125’s iconic campaign saw rare animal breeds featured within a striking kitchen display, leaving their audience quite stunned at the spectacle.

Next125 also introduced a unique virtual reality experience in which the audience could see Charly, Lily, and Big Carlos up close!

Following in the footsteps, or rather hoof-prints, of cattle, pigs, lambs, geese, rabbits, and goats, this campaign seems to have earned its place within the next125 marketing hall of fame, who knows what 2018 will bring?


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