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Your online guide to all Neolith’s events and exhibitions during Milan Design Week 2018

At Milan Design Week this year, Neolith will be featured by a long list of exhibitors, as well as being involved in show cooking events and immersive evening entertainment functions. To help navigate yourself through all the furore of MDW 2018, and help you find Neolith’s popular surfaces at the right times and places, here’s the full lowdown…

Exhibitions featuring Neolith include:

Hebanon – (Hall 1, Stand G02)

Comprex – Estatuario, Pulpis, Pierre Bleue (Hall 9, Stand D03)

Tisettanta/Elam System – Basalt Grey (Hall 11, Stand C15-C19)

Schüller – Blanco Carrara (Hall 13, Stand D11-E12)

Häcker – Calacatta (Hall 13, Stand C02-04)

Bauformat – (Hall 13, Stand C01-C07)

DOCA – Calatorao, Retrostone, Calacatta, Nero Zimbabwe (Hall 15, Stand A15-A19)

Arrex Le Cucine – Nero Marquina, Zaha Stone (Hall 15, Stand D15-E16)

Oasis – Calacatta (Hall 22, Stand B35-B37)

Moblibérica – Calacatta Gold, Zaha Stone, Iron Copper (Hall 12, Stand D21)

Dexo Orsenigo – Iron Corten (Hall 10, Stand F34)

Manutti – (Hall 8, Stand D29)

Kico – (Hall 8, Stand E46-E50)

Salcom Cucine – Iron Grey (Hall 6, Stand B37)

Events demonstrating Neolith products are:

1pm on Wednesday 18th April – Alessandro Borghese

Internationally recognised culinary maestro and owner of Italian restaurant ‘Il lusso della semplicità’, Alessandro Borghese will delight attendees with his colourful and adventurous approach to cuisine. Eclectic and inventive, the rock ‘n’ roller chef’s signature style combines simplicity and sophistication.

2pm Thursday 19th April – Sonia Peronaci

The following day, popular ‘cuisiner’, TV presenter, writer and blogger, Sonia Peronaci, brings an exciting approach to the cooking stage. Drawing inspiration from her family in both northern and southern Italy, she looks to traditional techniques to develop innovative recipes using uncomplicated ingredients.

Neolith is also hosting special, immersive evenings of entertainment and cuisine outside the fair in Milan:

Evening of Tuesday 17th April – ‘Il Cantiere di Sonia Peronaci’

Sonia Peronaci will give a tour of her restaurant [featured] on Via Bramante, 37, 20154 Milano MI, providing insight into its concept and design, including the numerous applications of Neolith in her spacious kitchen. As guests enjoy sumptuous food, they will have the opportunity to discover her signature gastronomy.

Evening of Thursday 19th April – ‘Il lusso della semplicità’

Alessandro Borghese will share his philosophies at his newly opened restaurant on Viale Belisario – al numero º3, Milano MI. Surrounded by design, influenced by the grandeur of a 1930s transatlantic cruise liner and decorated throughout with Neolith, visitors will have the chance to indulge in Borghese’s singular culinary creations within the walls of his new restaurant.

Neolith’s Director Mar Esteve Cortes commented, “This year we are fortunate to be working with two renowned and talented chefs, Sonia Peronaci and Alessandro Borghese. Along with having the chance to taste their exquisite cooking, guests will experience Neolith in two professional contexts, which use the material to create individual atmospheres in line with each specialist’s style and ethos. Fine dining is not only about what’s on the plate. Furnishings and décor significantly influence the overall experience.”

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