Designer    Exhibition 03 Aug 2017

New lifestyle-led tech brand, nolii, debuts at this year’s London Design Festival

Born from the collaboration of LAYER founder, Benjamin Hubert, and tech and design entrepreneur Asad Hamir, nolii is the latest lifestyle tech brand to enter the market.

The brand is ‘inspired by the creative and entrepreneurial spirit that defines London and today’s fast-paced nomadic lifestyles’. The five key products form the company will be launched at this year’s London Design Festival 2017, held in Somerset House from 18th-24th September. Aiming to provide revolutionary solutions, this exciting new brand will create an immersive environment – within the Design Frontiers sector of the exhibition – for visitors to view and fully experience the nolli ‘ecosystem’.

The inaugural installation aims to reflect the movement and connections of nolii users throughout a typical day. An artistic centrepiece – the rotating light source – will mimic the movement of the sun and create a pattern of shadows. With each rotation, a different element of the nolii brand will come into focus.

The collection comprises five key products: Couple, Bundle, Keep, Set, and Stack. Together, they form an intelligent eco-system of accessories that solve everyday challenges to make the consumer’s relationship with the technology – and the people they connect with – effortless.

Showcasing its commitment to social engagement, after the launch of Couple, Bundle, Keep, Set, and Stack, nolii will be launching a collaborative project in East Africa later this year with a focus on empowering people through connection.  

“We founded nolii because we felt there wasn’t anything on the market that we connected with that had both smart intuitive functionality and a contemporary, lifestyle-driven design language. With the new brand, we have combined industrial design ingenuity with tech innovation to solve real life problems for people who are always on-the-go and depend on their tech to succeed.”

Asad Hamir, CEO, noliinolii

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