Designer    Exhibition 10 Oct 2017

London’s inspirational architects and designers have their work spaces photographed for exhibition

Walter Knoll will be hosting DeskTop, a photography exhibition that investigates the future of work by profiling the workspaces of London’s leading creatives, architects and designers, in its Clerkenwell showroom 2-30 November.

Some of London’s most inspirational minds have agreed to have their spaces photographed, including Serpentine gallery director Yana Peel, architect Sir Nicholas Grimshaw, curator Johanna Agerman-Ross, designer Luke Pearson of Pearson Lloyd, architect Matthew Blain of Hassell, architect and designer Sevil Peach, Wallpaper* Brand and Content Manager Tony Chambers and designer Mike Holland of Foster + Partners. Curated by Jonathan Openshaw and photographed by Anton Rodriguez, the exhibition will consist of eight original photographic commissions that explore the ways in which the physical office space remains indispensable in the digital age, but also opens up questions about how it needs to innovate to remain relevant. Each participant has also been asked to choose one object (which will be displayed beside their corresponding photograph) that captures an element of their way of working. By profiling thought leaders in their sectors, the exhibition will benefit from their knowledge and expertise.

Speaking of the exhibition, Jonathan Openshaw says “The nine-to-five workplace is going through a time of unprecedented change, driven by technological and demographic shifts. As our working lives become more portable, flexible and virtual, the line between business and leisure, home and office, is blurring. This is a challenge but is also a great opportunity. DeskTop asks questions about the way we work today and how we might work better tomorrow.”

Markus Benz, CEO of Walter Knoll adds, “Our working world is going through change. The design of a workplace is becoming even more significant. Because the furnishings play a major role in a company’s success and identity – modern and open, formal and informal, with freelance work and teamwork – the interior represents a company, its culture and is thus always an expression of how it sees itself, as well as the esteem held for its customers. We work with some of the best designers and architects globally to create workplace products that are ahead of their time,” Markus Benz continues. “We put a lot of time into researching the future of work. So, we are delighted to be hosting this exhibition featuring the spaces of some of London’s finest creative talents.”

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