Designer    Exhibition 30 Aug 2017

Laufen presents ‘A Curated Art Show. What?’ during this year’s London Design Festival

London Design festival is soon approaching and there are certain elements we expect to see from at this annually anticipated event; however, a curated art show is not generally one of them. Bringing its innovative approach to design into the world of art, Laufen has announced that at this year’s London Design Festival, the London Design Museum will host a unique art show, aptly named: ‘A Curated Art Show. What?’.

The show will feature exclusive objects crafted by architect and designer Patricia Urquiola and industrial designer Konstantin Grcic, among many others. The exhibition’s primary concept is based on a three-dimensional platform of art and will promote a selection of high-tech, abstract objects, some of which are crafted using new technologies that are making a world premiere in ceramics.

Utopia Kitchen & Bathroom Editor, Frances Leate visited Laufen earlier this year and was fortunate enough to see pieces of the company’s curated art. She commented: “Laufen’s very own collection, created by architects, artists and designers, featured 17 unique pieces made from the materials used to create Laufen’s world renowned bathrooms. These cleverly crafted items were made using a variety of simple and complex techniques including digital fabrication, 3D printing and new patented technology, not even us journalists could prize any information from the experts about!

As well as the very appropriately placed giant Toblerone made from fine fire clay, the collection included a hand modelled ceramic robot and some striking architectural pieces.

The fact that Laufen has an art collection exhibiting around the world speaks volumes about the sort of company they are. Since they were first established the company have been creating cutting edge designs that push the boundaries of what we expect from our bathroom spaces.”

“We love to explore new ideas and new concepts, we are not afraid to experiment,” says Sabina Durdik, Marketing Manager of International Project Business at Laufen. It’s about expressing our creativity and what better way to do that than this wonderful art collection?”

Take a trip to London’s Design Museum, on Kensington High Street, between 16th – 24th September to be inspired…

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