Designer    Exhibition 11 May 2017

Jaime Hayon talks in-depth about his jaw-dropping Milan Design Week Caesarstone instillation

Inspired by flora, fauna and folklore from different cultures, Jaime Hayon designed an architectural pavilion – referencing the famous Crystal Palace built in Hyde Park, London for the Great Exhibition of 1851 – combining over 40 Caesarstone colours with metal and stained glass.

Within the historical backdrop of Milan’s Palazzo’s Ballroom, Caesarstone’s quartz material was meticulously handcrafted and implanted into the metal frame of the pavilion as a precious jewel within Hayon’s whimsical Caesarstone universe. Employing traditional high-end stone marquetry and stained glass window techniques, the designer enlivened the space with his eccentric spirit and artistry to create a fantasy world made of different colours, forms and shapes. The design is inspired by the natural environment, the animal kingdom, and folklore of different cultures, ranging from Hungarian myths to African tribal influences.

Tribal masks and Hayon’s signature clowns faces are featured on large-scale
wall panels and presented alongside playful carousels made of Caesarstone, handcrafted furniture pieces and light fixtures.

Raanan Zilberman, CEO
of Caesarstone, said: “The kitchen space is continuing its journey to the centre of the home and what used to be the family’s meeting point is turning out to be a “future living room”, a place where we entertain and host. As such, the kitchen space will become more expressive and personal and we will see designers
and consumers’ increasing adoption of maximalism and material richness to confer a unique and personal look and feel to the kitchen.

“We are inspired by the visionary work of Jaime and the way this demonstrates the ‘boundless boundaries’ of our materials and their application.

Hayon added: “A combination of art, design and architecture, this kaleidoscopic installation is something that visitors have never seen before. There is a strong element of surprise in the visible contrast between the Napoleonic, marble-made palace and this beautiful pavilion, made with 21st century Caesarstone quartz. I hope, with this very graphic and folkloric installation, to have put a smile on people’s faces and compel them to think that although they were in Milan for the furniture fair, they have also just seen a ‘funtastico’ world.”

Stone Age Folk by Jaime Hayon is the culmination of a year-long collaboration with the Spanish designer for Caesarstone’s 2017 Designer Collaboration Programme.


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