Designer    Exhibition 28 Mar 2017

International glass manufacturer AGC Asahi Glass reveal their 2017 Milan Design Week plans

AGC Asahi Glass have revealed their plans to present a new sensory concept ‘Touch’ at the Milan Design Week 2017.

Following an announcement made by the company today, the glass manufacturer has told that they will be making their third consecutive appearance at the Milan Design Week – one of the the world’s largest design festivals – with a range of new and exciting products.

Taking place in Italy this April, it is said ‘Touch’ will be the company’s theme for the exhibition, based on the sensory concept ‘the Feel of Glass’. Works on display will include creations made with their advanced glass processing technology, as well as ideas from the company’s current creative partners Jin Kuramoto and Raw-Edges.

Additionally, AGC have also disclosed they will present glass works with various visual expressions, including fine nano-unit textures. Glass works aim to encourage visitors of the exhibition to take part in the interactive products on display through touching, moving, tapping, or even drawing, on the glass surfaces.

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