kb-network    Exhibition 08 Dec 2017

The hotel design event, SLEEP was a success for Bushboard Nuance bathroom wall panelling

The company which is aiming to change outdated perceptions about bathroom wall panelling demonstrated the product on their stand at this years Sleep, with a live water feature alongside a seamless wet room display.

Paul Findley, product manager for Bushboard Nuance says, “When people come into direct contact with the product – see it free floating in a tank of water, it makes it very clear that this is a robust, reliable 100% waterproof product. The look is seamless as it has no edging strips or extrusions and the decors look and feel just like the real thing. We have a project underway in France where fitters are finishing 3 bathrooms in the time it would take to tile just one.  The response to Nuance at SLEEP was really strong, it’s wonderful to see the enthusiasm in people’s eyes when they see what it can do.”

Nuance panels are manufactured using a patented core that is 100 percent impervious to water. The panels can be used for walls, around the bath or basin, inside a shower enclosure or to create a true wet room.

Bushboard | bushboard.co.uk