Designer    Exhibition 27 Feb 2017

Häcker Kitchens introduce their ‘Elements’ collection at the LivingKitchen Trade Fair, Cologne

Häcker Kitchens launch brand new natural kitchen collection, ‘Elements’, taking inspiration from fire, water, air, and earth.

Creating a unique twist on the world’s natural elements, Häcker use the basic building blocks of life to form the kitchen’s foundations; the stove symbolises fire, and water is used for cooking, for example vegetables – the fruits of the earth.

The Elements kitchen represents a centre meeting point for life, communication, cooking and enjoyment, and where better to launch such a collection than the LivingKitchen trade fair?

Embracing the congregational atmosphere of the exhibition, Häcker Kitchens welcomed their customers and encouraged them to linger and feast within their generous communication area situated in their stunning new kitchen collection.


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