kb-network    Exhibition 25 Jan 2018

Who is exhibiting at the sixth edition of Architect@Work at Olympia National Hall today?

The global, two-day event, which kicked off yesterday, is aimed at architects, designers and specifiers and is free to registered visitors. Complimentary catering is offered throughout, encouraging networking and downtime as well as deal-making opportunities. The theme of this year’s show is LIGHT which is reflected in the show’s features and talks programme.

All exhibitors go through a rigorous selection process, with an external judging panel overseeing the product selection, to ensure that this is one of the UK’s most highly respected trade shows of its kind. Over 100 leading suppliers are showcasing their innovative products and services, which include the latest in surface solutions, lighting technology as well as fixtures and fittings.

Kinetech Design is presenting two folded aluminium sculptures at the show. The company’s founders merged their expertise in kinetic art, light sculpture and paper engineering to create foldable aluminium structures for applications in architecture, interior design and art. Endless Column is a sculptural form inspired by Brancusi’s sculpture of the same title and Japanese origami, while the second sculpture, Super Nova, resembles star formations as well as organic crystal and flower forms.

The SCIN Gallery is presenting LIGHT FANTASTIC, an exhibition that explores how light reveals itself and affects our interaction with materials. Light enhances architectural features and materials while also being a powerful emotional force that creates different experiences. The material exhibition highlights surfaces that reflect light using fine glass granules, materials that transmit light using fibre optics or filters, what happens when light is absorbed into absolute darkness and how certain materials can transform light into energy. Exciting materials that play with light to create interactive spaces, such as translucent ceramics and glow in the dark bricks, are also being exhibited.

Stûv is showing two wood-burning stoves, the P-10 and 22-70. The P-10 is a pellet stove with a clean design that ensures beautiful and ample flames. The combustion chamber can rotate at 45 degrees while the upper part of the stove pivots to direct the radiating heat and offer the best view of the fire through its window.

Durlum is presenting three products including the TICELL®-N braided metal ceiling with integrated lighting. The aluminium fins provide a unique look and are positioned so that the punched edges reflect light, maximising the amount of light that enters a room. The ratio between the cell dimension and cell height allows the technical elements of TICELL®-N to hide within the ceiling void.

Italian company Minotticucine is presenting Anima, a series of modular solid stone furniture for practical use within the kitchen. Every practical element is hidden within the design of each cooking, preparation or cleaning piece.

Impey Shower’s AquaDec Linear 3 is a market-leading wetroom solution that combines subtle linear shapes with unrivalled leak-free wet-room technology. The Linear 3 is easy to install and is fitted directly onto joists to act as a floorboard replacement. The product enables neat placement of a modern linear drainage grate that is in-line with the wall and maintains strength and rigidity.

German company Performance Flooring Solutions by BASF is showing Mastertop 1327 – 20dB which is the first and only fully liquid-applied flooring system on the market. The state of the art, polyurethane based floor reduces impact noise and combines high walking comfort with exclusive design possibilities.

Turkish company Pimek Group is showing external doors that are made to measure, beautifully designed and meet all safety requirements. Made from aluminium, steel and glass, they are highly insulated and secure, making them perfect for the residential, commercial, retail, hospitality and education sectors.

Unidrain is presenting three products including the Unidrain bespoke. This customisable modular drain system is made to order and can be produced in any length. The system can be combined with Unidrain’s Custom solution to create almost invisible drains.

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