Utopia    Exhibition 14 Jun 2017

Exclusive elegance – we round-up the best designs from this year’s Exclusively Housewares show

This year’s Exclusively Housewares exhibition, occurring 13th – 14th June, saw the Business Design Centre, London, brimming with the latest luxurious innovations in kitchen and homeware products. While weaving through the jungle of inventions we discovered some hot highlights…

An absolute cracker – Le Creuset’s Christmas inspired stand (as featured) was a surprise offering at this year’s event. ‘Christmas in the city’ and ‘Taste of the city’ bought together a collection of the company’s Signature cast iron casserole dishes in varying shades of blue, alongside some of Le Creuset’s 3-ply stainless steel saucepans and kitchen accessories, all strung together with a scattering of snowflakes and a mystical, sparkly theme.

Colour in the kitchen – Kitchen Aid didn’t fail to impress with a selection of its beautifully vibrant mixers. The array of pastel pink, warm metallic and simple monochromatic colours provided a striking centre piece. However, the most impressive element of KithenAid’s showcase was undeniably the company’s new cold brew coffee machines – a huge hit in America currently, cold brew coffee is creating its own cult following and gaining the attention of coffee connoisseurs worldwide. The appliance works simply by a filer system which should be left within the cold water bath for up to 12 hours before removing. Though this seems a timely effort, the brewed delicacy can last for up to two weeks and thanks to the integrated tap system at the front of the machine, it can be used as a coffee concentrate for ice creams, recipes, or even for blending with hot or cold milk and for the braver consumers: a cocktail of cold coffee and tonic water.

Resident stars – encircling the hustle and bustle of the exhibition lay residential showrooms from some of our favourite surface brands. One particular showroom displayed an exciting array of solid stone surfaces, while tucked away in its corner was a simply striking podium brimming with colourful mosaic tiles, crafted from everything from glass to ceramic to natural stone.

Brimming with inspiration – for those with a penchant for accessorising and the lovers of latest gadgets, this exhibition was not to be missed!

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