Designer    Exhibition 26 May 2017

Designer looks back at the top designs and trends seen in this year’s ISH exhibition

Utilising the properties of Laufen’s SaphirKeramik material, the Swiss brand launched Sonar, a
new collection designed by Patricia Urquiola which includes washstands and bathtubs. The traditionally smooth and continuous outer surfaces of these products take on a three-dimensional aspect in this instance, while conserving the slender lines of this thin material.

The design of the pieces manages to combine architectural minimalism with the energy and detail of soundwaves and their relationship with water, which have proved to be the inspiration behind
the collection. Inclined planes, material cuts, and small internal overhangs are all functional ploys to optimise the ow of water and to resolve logistical challenges with creativity and style.

Laufen |
Published in Designer Kitchen & Bathroom Magazine