Designer    Exhibition 28 Apr 2017

Designer attends the showcase of Siemens studioLine appliances, in London’s Aveqia

Siemens took to the Aveqia stage to showcase the company’s latest studioLine appliances, inviting the professional audience, including designers, manufacturers and luckily: Designer Kitchen and Bathroom Magazine to discover the amazing advantages of the new line of products.

The event was dissected into over six separate professional cooking areas, each incorporated a professionally equipped kitchen, laden with the latest Siemens appliances, alongside experts and professional chefs to talk visitors through the appliances on offer and prepare some delectable treats.

Beyond impressing trade professionals and journalists alike, the food prepared on site displayed the incredible versatility of Siemens new products, how they can be used for different foods and in different manners, and primarily the incredible quality of food they can produce. The single oven with full steam operation, operated by Senior Home Economist, Lynn Williams, was used to simply steam some asparagus stalks. These were served with a hollandaise sauce, that had been keeping warm in the Siemens warming drawer, positioned directly beneath the oven. The simplicity of the cooking method – simply requiring the user to select the duration and power on the steam oven, and select the warmth of the warming drawer – was surprising considering the high quality, tender asparagus we were presented with. By using the steam oven, the vegetables were packed with moisture and visibly maintained the same colouration as when seen raw – meaning no flavour, nor nutrients were lost during the cooking process.

Another highly practical benefit of the steam oven is its ecoClean Plus functionality, which is a special coating that clads the interior walls of the oven, providing a non-stick surface that is extremely easy to clean.

Be sure to take a look at our updates and on-site video report, for more information about Siemens studioLine range and fantastic Aveqia event!

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