Designer    Exhibition 12 Sep 2017

Cosentino collaboration with Apparatu Design Studio set to be a huge hit at LDF17

Renowned surfaces manufacturer Cosentino is planning to present a brand new, innovative project at this year’s London Design Festival. Working in collaboration with Apparatu Design Studio, the company crafted a unique Dektonclay installation, which will be starring at LDF17 on the evening of Tuesday 19th September, in its first UK debut.

The handcrafted installation was born from the three-year-strong collaborative relationship between Cosentino and the Spanish ceramic design studio that is led by Xavier Mañosa. The exciting concept showcases a full kitchen crafted purely from Dekton® XGloss Spectra; the ovens, worktop, structure and handles are all created using this one material and as a result present a lustrous black finish.

Xavier Mañosa’s primary aim was to discover new ways of working with this original material, discover how it behaved under different temperatures and conditions and test its true material properties. Mañosa commented: “I chose this Dekton® XGloss finish specifically because its spectacular glossy surface contrasts with the matte finish of the moulded pieces that serve as a support, thus creating a very powerful glossy/matte visual effect.”

If you’re heading down to enjoy the delights of LDF17, be sure not to miss this unique installation!

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