Designer    Exhibition 19 Apr 2017

Corian presented Cabana Club at this year’s Milan Design Week, showing the marvel of maximalism

Organised by Corian, in conjunction with Cabana Magazine, the Cabana Club was a definite highlight of this year’s Milan Design Week. The exhibition aimed to present a multicultural journey into the world of maximalism – after years of being surrounded by the concentration on minimalism, and keeping cool, calm and clutter-free, maximalism has landed and is making a definite impact on the industry. Each section of this mystical Cabana Club was designed and styled by one of seven famous faces of interior design, using Corian as its base material, and intricate yet vivacious finishes, materials and accessories to display the different culture each ‘scene’ aims to represent. The project itself was inspired by the mythical land of Shangri-La, known as immortal utopian Eden in James Hilton’s novel Lost Horizon.

The bathroom module (shown above) was styled by Carolina Irving, and features a bath, vertical side panels and wall panels, which are all crafted from Corian, while fabrics from the designer’s own company, Carolina Irivng Textiles add an exotic and eclectic twist.

“My inspiration for this bathroom comes from antiquity. I am fascinated by ancient Roman and Byzantine basilicas with their walls covered in precious specimen marbles. I like the bathroom to be a sort of boudoir with an orientalist feeling.”  Carolina Irving

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